Unusual Dog Names That You Can Choose

When you bring home a new puppy, the first decision you have to make is what you will name this newest member of the family. Just as parents look at lists of names for babies, dog owners look through lists of names to find unusual dog names that suit the breed and personality of the puppy. Some dog owners like to name their small breeds of dogs after the names of perfumes, while large dogs tend to have names reflecting their size and skill and are named after Greek and Roman gods or famous warriors in history.

If you want something completely unusual in a name one thing you can do is choose a name you like in English and then look for the translation of that name in other languages. You do need to still adhere to the norm in choosing a name that is short and easy to say. This will make it easier for both you and the dog to get used to the name that you will be using many times during the day.

If you are a lover of nature and spend a lot of time outdoors with your dog, there are many nature names you can choose that are unusual. Some suggestions for you to think about are:

– Breeze

– Cloud

– Crystal

– Fire

– River

– Eddy

– Stream

– Storm

– Spring

– Sunset

– Autumn

– Tornado

– Thunder

You have an endless list of choices in choosing a name in this manner. Just think of your favourite outdoor activity and come up with an unusual name based on this.

It is best to stay away from normal girl and boy names that people choose for their children when you are looking for an unusual name for your puppy. If you have a Siberian husky, for example, why not look at names of places in Siberia that you can use as a name? There are many native names of towns in any countries of the North that would also be suitable and unusual names.

When you decide you want something out of theĀ Tinki ordinary as a name for your pet, you can have a tremendous amount of fun sifting through the lists of names and trying to say each one. But who says you have to choose a name from a list? Why not make up a name? This would be truly unusual and would certainly cause others who hear the name to ask what it means and why you chose it. In this way, you could simply choose a word you like rather than have to think about the breed and the characteristics of the dog. Chap for example is a unique name that shows you feel that your dog is your best friend. Since most dog owners refer to their dog affectionately as Fellow, you can use this name or change it to something similar such as Fella. One dog owner who couldn’t decide on a name decided to leave it up to the dog. When a person would ask what the dogs name was he would answer ask Her and this became the name that stuck.


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