Replacement Office Chair Casters For Workplace Safety

The office was all abuzz about the plans for the biggest gathering of the year. It was time again for the annual Office Chair race that fed the office rivalry between the Paper Clippers versus the Desk Chair Warriors. Everyone, including the supervisors, was busy making plans.

They even ordered replacement office chair casters, but no one thought to actually install them. The Paper Clippers had an eight year winning streak to defend and the first place prize of a pizza lunch as an added incentive to guide their way to glory!

The big day was finally here. The track had been placed and the office had been transformed to look like Bristol International Speedway. The contestants all lined up at the starting line and the CEO even blew the whistle. They wanted to use a flare gun, but the insurance company had a small problem with that. The race was a close one until the second lap on the fourth turn, so close to the finish line when Poor Davie lost a caster and skidded to a stop.

He lacked three inches to the glory of a win. While Sharon slid over the finish line to claim the victory for the Desk Chair Warriors, Davie remembered his chief responsibility. He was the one that was supposed to replace the casters. That unfortunate over site had cost the team the victory. How could he ever face anybody?

Do rivalries like this one really exist? Probably, but the moral of this tale is not to assume that the chairs that you use day after day are safe or not in need of repair. Inspecting these chairs on a regular basis may be the difference between being able to push yourself 100 feet to deliver a paper to a coworker and falling on your behind while trying to complete the same task floortex mats.

Office chairs and designed to make the work day safer and easier. How hard would it be on a body to stand over a desk and bend at the waist to see a computer? You wouldn’t be able to walk straight after 8 hours of doing so. A rolling chair on proper casters makes your job safer and more pleasurable. If you choose the wrong kind of chair, it can be a costly mistake.

There are many different types of casters that are tailored to different types of flooring. Chair mats are plastic sheets with gripping teeth that protects carpeting, but it isn’t always practical to use these. Choosing the right caster is the key. Wheels made from soft polyurethane are good for wood, tile and carpeted floors. Cement floors require a rubber coated caster in order to make the chair easier to roll and much quieter.

If the Paper Clippers had just inspected their chairs and used the replacement office chair casters they would have won yet again and wouldn’t be condemned to eat cold ham sandwiches for a month as the reward for coming in second place. Better luck next year team!

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