Quick Property Sales – How to Sell Your Home Fast

Do you want to sell your home quickly? Perhaps you are moving abroad and want a fast completion on the sale of your property? Maybe you face repossession and need a solution to prevent the mortgage company from taking your home, or you need extra cash to solve a financial problem? Whatever your reason for wanting a fast property sale, the answer to your quandary is the cash buyer.

Cash buyers will buy your property quickly and complete the purchase within one to four weeks of you accepting their purchase offer. In some cases, cash buyers can buy your home within 24 hours! Just imagine – no more worrying about how you are going to pay that mortgage, or where you will find finance for your next house move. Cash buyers are the solution to your quick property sale problems! All you’ve got to do is find them and entice them to buy your home.

Finding cash buyers

The biggest challenge for homeowners who want to sell their properties quickly is in finding property buyers who can buy their homes without the need for a mortgage or home loan. For most homebuyers a mortgage is essential for the quick purchase of their next house. The loan application process can take 6 – 8 weeks, and sometimes longer. These are not the types of purchasers you want to deal with when you are in need of a fast sale.

Instead, your ideal buyer is a homebuyer, property investor or property developer that has finance already in place and can exchange contracts immediately. They have cash instantly available to buy your home from you direct, without the need to involve a lender in the property transaction.

But where do you find these types of property buyers?

Well, you can ask your local real estate agent if they have cash buyer contacts. Alternatively, you can advertise in the local press. You could even search the Internet using a search engine like Google or Yahoo with a keyword phrase such as ‘quick sale property’ NewLaunch.ForSale Property Guide. This is all very well, and no doubt you will attract some interest. However, if you want to be absolutely sure of securing the sale of your home you need to make the property attractive to the buyer. Here’s how…

1) Give a full ‘estate agent style’ description of the property. 
Just stating that your property has x number of bedrooms and has a garden of size y is not going to make you the sale. Buyers want as much detail on the property as possible. If you want to attract their attention you should really go to town on your property description. Go through your house room by room and describe the features that really ‘sell’ the house to the buyer. Remember to include room size measurements and mention features like double-glazing, boiler systems and anything else that adds value to your home – especially if it is newly installed.

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