Parcel Deliveries

You may just have opened up a new business producing a great product at a good price, but have you considered how to get it to your customer?

Well like most people you will probably start shipping your parcels via the royal mail, however this is actually one of the most expensive ways of shipping your parcels, and you may be far better off by sourcing a good parcel delivery company.

But what should you look for in a parcel delivery company?

First of all you may think price is the key issue, but you also need to think of the old adage “You get what you pay for”. When it comes to delivering parcels you may find that going for the cheapest carrier is not always the best option. A cheap parcel carrier may be working on a very tight margin, and as a result your parcels may quite literally be thrown on and off of a van. This can result in damage to your goods, and a returned parcel as a result.

Also a cheaper parcel carrier may not pay the same attentionĀ Parcel Delivery To Russia to tracking your parcels in transit, as you would ideally wish for. Whilst parcel tracking is not vital in the majority of cases, in the event of a “Lost” parcel it is absolutely vital.

A more expensive delivery can often come with additional quality of customer service, whether it’s via the order process, during the delivery itself, or generally ensuring the package arrives there in one piece, safe and sound.


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