All That You Need To Know About Specialized Car Rental Vehicles

A few years ago, I took a one year sabbatical to explore some of the most amazing forest and mountain ranges around the world. For many of you out there who have ever taken an exploratory trip to some of the worlds most inaccessible terrain, you have probably wished (as I did then) for a car that could quite literally climb mountains. Today, there are several car rental companies that deal with vehicles, specialized 4×4 and SUV’s, that are specifically designed to take all sorts of imaginable abuse on the trail. It is important to know how to select the right vehicle based on the terrain you wish to traverse and exactly what terms will typically apply for such a car.

First of all, different types of terrain call for different types of vehicles. For instance the desert dunes of Dubai, Namibia or Morocco need a totally different kind of vehicle setup from what you would expect can climb mountain ranges in Mont Blanc for example. It all begins with knowing exactly what the best setup would be for your given situation. Luckily, car rental services (at least the high quality ones) that deal exclusively with specialized vehicles have already taken the liberty to understand what kind of car rig will suit your situation best, leaving you to decide on an appropriate cost and terms.

Typically, these kind of vehicles will include a standard GPS not just to track the vehicle but to help you navigate the great out-doors; they’ll also sport some kind of underbody armoring, a larger than most fuel tank, huge body clearance, specific tires and added extras such as sand plates or snow chains depending on your situation. A good specialized car rental service will put the best balance between the cars capabilities and comfort; this is what you should be looking out for. In fact most of the great specialized car rental services out there will allow you to test drive the car to get a good feel for this. Even if the company does not explicitly offer you the opportunity to test drive the car of your choice, always make a point to ask as most of companies that are worth their salt will gladly oblige.

Concerning cost, anywhere between 70 to 100 percent more thanĀ location voiture Casablanca what you would typically pay for a standard car and between 30 and 40 percent more than what you would pay for a standard SUV is not an overly exaggerated price. Insurance is typically higher for such vehicles so you can expect the rental company to pass this cost down to its clients. I have found that most rental companies will customize your rental contract based on where the car will be used and I assume this based on the difficulty of the terrain and the added risk that something could go wrong, try and find a rental service that will give you a flat rate charged by the day regardless of where the car will be used.


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