Mountain Biking Vacations

If you are looking for an exciting new vacation, why not try a mountain biking tour. You will see sights that you could never have seen on a regular bus tour. The most important part of booking a mountain bike tour is the research you must do before hand. The internet will most likely be your greatest resource for planning this type of trip. You can also look into a travel agent that specializes in this type of travel.

Before you begin your planning, you need to decide where you would like to go and what type of tour you want to do. There are tours that specialize in family travel, singles, women, and many other groups. There are so many different locations to explore; it will help if you can narrow down a region you would like to visit Bike Hire Surfers Paradise. Because of the physicality of a mountain biking tour, they are generally shorter in duration then a regular bus tour. The usual biking tour will last approximately two to three days. Keep this in mind when reviewing price. It is a good idea to book with an established company. They will have several years of experience in this type of travel and you will be able to find positive reviews of the company and the travel experience.

Be sure to fully understand the specifics of the contract, the most important aspect being the cancellation policy. You will want to know ahead of time how long you have to get your deposit back and if there are specific circumstances under which you can cancel without penalties.

After you have booked your tour, make sure you are prepared. If at all possible, you may want to bring your own mountain bike rather than renting one from the tour company. You will be more comfortable with a bike you are familiar with. Whether you choose to rent the bike or not, make sure that you bring your own safety gear. Your helmet and gloves should fit perfectly, don’t leave your safety up to a rental.

Weather conditions can greatly affect your trip. Find out ahead of time what type of weather is expected during your trip and make sure you pack appropriately. Rain gear is very important and you should have an extra pair of shoes with you in case they get wet or damaged.

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