Mobile Tracking To Uncover Cheating And Theft

There have been a number of cases in the news lately where mobile tracking and GPS tracker apps installed onto mobile phones have led to thieves finding themselves arrested and charged, phones being recovered and cheating partners being discovered.

In one such case involving a Manchester student, who with the aid of the local police, was able to track down her mobile phone within 45 minutes of it going missing. Her boyfriend relayed the phone’s location by tracking it on the couple’s computer and within the hour the law were knocking on the thief’s front door to arrest him robux generator no surveys.

There have also been reports of suspicious partners and spouses who have caught out their unfaithful other half and found them cheating, simply by tracking a partners mobile phone. While the technology exists for tracking mobile phones and quite often only requires the sending of a confirmation message to confirm tracking has been installed onto the phone, it is illegal to secretly bug anyone’s phone.

The news, of late, is full of stories where people who having covertly installed an application or signed up for a tracking service discover the truth about their partners activities. In a recent case the person concerned didn’t believe his girlfriend’s reasons for constantly going out. The suspicious boyfriend signed up for a tracking service and discovered that she was in fact on the other side of town to where she said she was going. Using the tracking service he found the guilty party’s address and confronted his girlfriend as she left.

However, the manner of discovering the truth behind suspicious encounters could lead to the suspicious partner themselves ending up in hot water if the estranged spouse decides to press charges. It is illegal to surreptitiously install or sign up for a mobile phone tracking service without the phones owner being aware. Ask any Fleet Street journalist the trouble bugging and hacking phones can get you into.

The police also advise against tracking down stolen mobile phones on your own and confronting suspected thieves. You can end up getting into a whole legal minefield if trouble breaks out and in unfortunate instances even end up injured yourself. Remember people who are prepared to steal your phone are not likely to have much concern for you, always inform the police first.

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