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Preserving sperm fertility during storage. The girl's birth defect is well known and by age 15, doctors say most girls would have been doubling over in pain with an abdomen filled with menstrual fluid that cannot escape. On the other hand, in some species, sperm may be inseminated days horses, cattle and pigs or even months some bat species before the arrival of the oocyte. Without fertile cervical fluid, sperm won't survive longer than a few hours inside the vagina or uterus if they make it that far. As described above, motile human sperm have been recovered from Fallopian tubes within an hour of insemination; however, it is not known whether function was normal in these women Rubenstein et al. Rapid transport of sperm into the Fallopian tube would seem to counter the proposed model of sperm swimming one-by-one through the uterotubal junction.


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