How to Fix USB Not Working Problems in Minutes

No matter which ports you plug the device into, you just cannot get your printer, scanner, camera working. That is really a pain in the neck. This article is to tell you how to fix this problem.

There are two possible issues that can result in USB ports not working error. You just need to determine which issue that causes the problem and then follow the instructions to fix it.

Firstly, you should check up when you attach a device to your computer, if there is an error message showing up at the right bottom of the desktop which says “USB Device Not Recognized”. If so, you must haven’t install the driver of the device properly or the driver is damaged USB Driver Download.

Then you will need to download a new one from the website of the manufacturer and install it on your PC. Then the hardware will be recognized by Windows system and be able to work.

If there is no error message “USB Device Not Recognized” showing up, that means your USB driver is damaged or outdated. USB driver is used for detecting USB devices. Without it, Windows system will not be able to detect and recognize any USB hardware. The only way to solve the problem is to install a new USB 2.0 driver for your computer.

No matter which issue it is, the problem always result from outdated or damaged device drivers. To solve and avoid hardware not working problems is to update the drivers regularly. Because all drivers have bugs more or less and lead to a lot of unexpected computer errors. Chipset manufacturers, like NVIDIA, ATI, Intel and so on, update and release new drivers for their products. So you just need to download and install new ones for your computer.

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