Where to Find the Best Video Websites – A Daunting Task

Finding the best video websites is a daunting task these days as the best ones are the ones hardest to find. Big names like YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe and the revenue sharing Revver are easy to find since everyone knows them. They do not have to be found. Are these giant reservoirs the best or just big? Is big better? Where to find the best video websites?

YouTube is arguably the largest repository of video on the Internet. Yet finding something relevant to your interest is, for the most part, a task of finding the proverbial needle in the haystack. A search for almost any topic will turn up a mélange of the most diversified gobbledygook imaginable. From porn sites to little children trying to play Paris Hilton on their web cams appear for the most innocuous terms. Somewhere in this mass will be the gem you are looking for. But you need time and a strong stomach to find it. You can also waste a lot of hours watching the most useless things – forgetting why you came in the first place.

Google video may provide some respite if you want to see Sony Pictures latest trailers, but not all of Sony’s trailers are there. You find them all at Sony.

The best video websites veet9.com on the Internet today are smaller. They are niche-oriented websites. They combine their own hosted video and remote hosted video with an eye to tailor the experience to a specific area rather than become the biggest repository of all and everything.

I call these websites niche oriented video sites and they are the future.

Youtube, a Google company, is well aware of this and is desperately trying to take this niche from the open market. YouTube is trying to get individuals to create their niche sites at YouTube under their terms of service agreements and ownership. There is a case to be made for anyone working to create revenue traffic for someone else that is not yours ever. YouTube is already competing against a growing army of qualified people creating important video websites that care about their topical niche and put their workdays into keeping them fresh and on topic. YouTube cannot afford to hire enough editors to do this kind of job on every topic and keep every key word proper. YouTube has problems with their adult content leaking over and has no control over hijacking keywords on search.

But we have a much brighter future ahead as the next generation online video networks build up and new video websites arise whose focus is not blurred.

The diversity of video websites being created is phenomenal and touches on every topic imaginable. From the easy ones like dog video sites, comedy video, sports video sites and religious video sites to the practical do it yourself instruction video sites and real estate video sites (for renting and buy/sell they are amazing). When you want to know how to fix something it is better to find a great how to video, and there are several sites that gather and create that content now.

Almost every video website I have found has been free. Many of these sites are video blogs and even more are complete video share communities with YouTube like features like upload, share, embed, favorite lists, etc. There are only a few that seem to want to be YouTube and gather a smorgasbord of material. These sites are still nice as the personal focus obviously manifests. There is an actual person choosing the material on the website and a community surrounding that material.

I really like all the niche video websites because they offer so much. Each topical website is covered by people who care. I found an amazing website on creating dollhouse miniatures! There should be nothing you can think of that cannot be found as a video website. If you can’t find it you can be the first!

Topical niche video websites are only beginning to appear. These early pioneers have an open field to run in. Do you need video on your site to catch the niche video wave? There is still plenty of room to grow in a niche topic you are expert at.

Spend the time searching out, or creating, the video around your blog or website expertise and you will increase your audience. Video websites are just more engaging. Trying to find the right video for your website will be daunting as it is to find the best video websites. These days you can easily create your own video so why not give it a try? Niche video websites are the rising crest of a mounting wave that takes your message on to the peak of the wave.



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