What Are the Benefits of Using a Graphics Tablet

You are most likely considering purchasing a Graphics Tablet because you are an artistic person and want to explore the medium of digital artwork or graphics.  Using the mouse to draw onto an application such as Adobe Photoshop is no easy task and you will give yourself a better start if you begin to use a graphics tablet.

There are 2 main types of graphics tablets available and we will discuss the benefits of each of them.

The first type is what you would normally call a graphics tablet.  It is a smallish, flat pad that rests beside your keyboard and mouse and normally connects via bluetooth or USB to your PC or Mac.  Input to this type of tablet is done with the use of a special wired or cordless pen that allows you to draw onto the pad’s surface and then the corresponding stroke is performed on the computer screen.  Essentially as if you were using the mouse.  The pad also knows where the pen is located over the active area and therefore you are not restricted by the size of the pad or the location on screen.  Graphics tablets also feature levels of sensitivity, so that when you press harder with the pen, the stroke appears darker or more defined on the screen.  This benefit alone gives a great advantage over using a mouse to draw.

This type of graphics tablet is well suited to those who are starting out using one of these devices or those who are not sure if they will get on with the technology.  They are cheap and come in a variety of sizes which will suit every budget.  There are even very cheap models produced by manufacturers like Wacom which are pitches towards children or younger creative types.

The other kind of Best Tablet For Artists is also known as an interactive pen device or a digitizer tablet.  This involves exactly the same technology as the previous type, but the active area onto which you draw is actually a flat screen monitor.  Therefore, you are drawing directly onto the screen and on to the application and document you are working on.  The benefit of using a tablet like this is that it removes the barrier between user, device and screen.

These tablets are available in larger sizes, but are also more expensive.  They can also easily become smudged or greasy during use, so remember to keep the active screen as clean as possible.

It is now common place that graphics tablets come with a USB interface, where as they were once serial devices.  There are also bluetooth variations too which will add to the portability of the tablets and will extend the range and application of the devices too.  The act of drawing or simulating drawing on to a computer screen is light years away from drawing with a mouse.  Although the now common place computer mouse is suited for other applications, digital drawing and painting is not one of them.

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