Advantages of Online Classifieds Over Print Media

Newspaper classifieds were the first kind of classifieds used by individuals and companies to advertise their goods & products but the emergence of online classified sites has taken over newspaper classifieds. Now-a-days the user is more dependent on online classifieds because of its various advantages. If discussed in detail one can find many important uses of posting ads in classified site such as easy navigation, limited or no cost for advertising, vast visibility, secure payment options & improved and sophisticated interaction methods.

Easy Navigation: Easy navigation is the major cause for a user to attract towards classified websites. If a user desires to place an ad in newspaper then he has to adopt the oldest method of traveling to a particular newspaper office or contacting the agent and filling the required form, thus wasting his energy and precious time. Although some newspapers or agencies are offering online ad placing system but every newspaper is not having this kind of facility. But whereas coming to online sites, a user can sit in a chair comfortably and can place his ad without having to step out of his office or home. Thus it can be said that the technology has made a man more relaxed.

Vast visibility: The newspaper ads have limited visibility. Some newspapers offer their ads according to a city or region but whereas the classified websites are visible all over the world. This unique feature of World Wide Web has down ridden the newspaper classifieds. When a user has an option of placing his ads with a universal visibility then he will definitely not opt for a news paper ad free ad listings.

Security payment options: Not only classified sites offer convenient method of placing ads but also offers a fool proof security payment options. In the early days of internet a user had to think many times to type his credit card number in the form. Now this payment method is fool proofed by reliable sources such as pay pal. And even if now the user is confused then there are many free classified websites that offer a free service to place an ad. In this free classified websites a user can place any number of ads without calculating the cost. So it is even safer to place an ad in free classified website if he still fears about the security of his credit card.

Improved Modern and Sophisticated Methods of Interaction: Again this new technology of internet has driven a normal user from telephonic conversation to email or chat conversations. If a user is attracted to a particular classified then he can simply mail the other user or can settle most of his doubts regarding particulars via chatting. The significant use of this method is that user never needs to take the appointment of other person to interact over telephone. He can simply mail his counterpart and in return the other person can respond according to his convenience. This gives the maximum freedom of time to both users.

The other significant use of online classified sites is that a user can advertise his ad for a maximum period of time without thinking of budget if he opts for a free classified websites.

These all reasons have made extra impression on the user to turn his thought for a classified site rather than opting newspaper classifieds. Now a user can say confidently that online classified sites are far better than print media classifieds. So next time if you need to place an ad then think twice before going to newspaper office.

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